Monday, July 31, 2006

Kerry gets his comeuppance! Bolton does not wait to serve a cold dish, he serves it hot!

What I 'likes' about Mr. Bolton is his no-nonsense approach to answering dufuss liberal senators questions. Bolton is not confused about whether 'they' like him or not. He answers civilly but with a very sharp edge, as if to say "I dare you, did I fire my best shot and am I on empty, well did I punk?" Very Clint Eastwoodish! His excellent recall, quick wit and abrasive personality (towards liberal legislators) is refreshing.
G.W.Bush could take lessons!

Nice picture of the Lurchmeister.This questioning by Lurch probably made Boltons day! Maybe On par with having the U.N. Security Council and the General Assembly going along with Censuring Iran, North Korea and Hezbollah. Or – TeddyK driving off a bridge somewhere... and drowning.
Hanoi-Lurch, Vietnam War hero... my keester!


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